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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Misc Posting Notes
I'm going to keep bumping the information on Early Voting in Illinois until I can't bump no more, since it's VERY IMPORTANT for people to vote early.

Why? The biggest reason is that you won't get in the way of someone who is only able to vote on election day itself. With all the new voters, young and old alike, the polling locations on November 4th are going to be packed, especially before and after work.

If you vote early, you can vote at your own convenience. Evening and weekend hours are available in some locations. In Illinois, you must have a government issued picture ID to do this, however (ie, drivers license, state id, etc.).

If you can possibly vote in off-hours (mid-morning, afternoon) try to do so. Many others don't have the flexibility you may have. I know it's exciting to be part of the big crowd, but we don't want people who may not be as committed as you are to leave a line and not come back.

If you find you have some time free to help out on election day, even for a few hours, please call the office of your favorite candidate. For example, Barack Obama, Dan Seals, or Daniel Biss . There's tons of stuff you can do, including bringing donuts and sandwiches to starving pollwatchers, or doing some watching yourself.

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