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Monday, October 06, 2008
If You're Out of Work
... you'll have plenty of opportunity to vote early.

Always seeing the silver lining, that's just the way I am.

Am going to look for a link for the early voting calendar for states other than Illinois (which starts October 13). If anyone can provide one, please post it in comments. Until then, as a rule of thumb, if you can't find a link on your own, start with the website for your county, which governs the nitty-gritty of the election calendar.

UPDATE: Reed College Early Voting Center is a place to start, though the info hasn't been updated in awhile. You can follow some of the useful links too.

The reason this is important is that there are a WHOLE LOT of new voters out there, and people who oddly enough still have jobs they have to get to. The fear is that if the lines are long (since I'm sure the number of polling places hasn't been increased since the election of 1848 (when it was a sure thing the Democrats would win, but they lost to a "war hero", the Whig Zachary Taylor)) people will leave the line and won't come back after work.

So the more people who vote ahead of election day, the shorter the election day lines will be.

And if you find lines when you go to vote early, you can of course just come back another day, or choose a time in mid-morning or afternoon if you can, when business may be lighter. Many places are offering weekend or evening hours to lure you in.

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