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Friday, October 03, 2008
Better Than Expected Is Not Better
Just saying.

Good afternoon, friends. Have been seeing a whole bunch of articles around the tubes that are trying to put a horserace spin back on the election. I guess blowout reporting gets dull. Debate expectations for Sarah Palin were so low -- and I'm sorry that we Democrats fell into the trap of helping to lower them way beyond subbasement level -- that the fact she walked into the room and didn't barf on her notecards from nervousness (tho there were a few moments I think we saw her panic) STILL doesn't qualify her for president (because that's the qualifications a vice presidential candidate should have).

Not even president of Wasilla High School (or whatever it might be called).

A lot of folks out there like to cheer for the plucky underdog, the can-do girl with the bubbly personality and the little-girl hairdo (when her hair is up she looks like an adult -- when she wears it down and pulled back so sweetly, we know she's trying to be young and adorable).

I think in her mind she's living the script of Legally Blonde 3, Elle Goes to the White House.

Unfortunately, I think Elle's dog Bruiser has a better chance of getting my vote than Sarah Palin does.

(Oh no! Now they'll accuse me of calling Sarah Palin a dog!!)

Joe Biden was the one who seriously beat expectations for me. He really brought it. Have watched American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, etc. etc. and they always keep urging the contestants to keep raising the level of their performance, just do it, let it all out, etc. Joe's combination of knowledge, passion, directness, and honest answers to Ifill's questions blew me away. I'd really expected to hear talking points, stump speech stuff, etc., the Democratic version of the crap Palin was spewing. He can reel that stuff off by the yard.

This was a whole new side of Biden I hadn't seen. I really felt as though he felt he was debating for the life of the country, like a latter day Daniel Webster debating the Devil.

Anyway, just back from a dress-up (with pantyhose!) ladies' luncheon where this was the main topic at the table.

The "ladies" I was with saw through her with ease and were not very ladylike in their assessments either.

Probably because they were actual, grown-up women.

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