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Sunday, September 28, 2008
Decompression Day

Can only burn white hot for so long. Have mentioned before that I'm sick and tired of hating, sick and tired of intensity of political feeling. I want to be one of the "low-information" voters for a change, just coasting along, voting the way my mom votes, or just blowing it off this time.

So I give you a few robots this evening. I know, you're all getting seriously concerned about someone who goes from Michelle Obama's dresses to robots to politics to banana bread.

I'm ok, most likely. Don't expect all these robot drawings (except one) in this next version of the Darkdevil County demo. Will try to get it uploaded tomorrow, assuming the Apocalypse doesn't happen, or Palin quit the race, or the markets go hoo-hah, or McCain blows a gasket, or....

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