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Friday, September 26, 2008
It's Over
I wish I meant the election, but maybe that too.

Twittered my freeking fingers off over the past 90 minutes, did no drinking. They simply refused to use our keywords. I am perfectly sober. I can't stand it.

But Obama really shone, I thought. McCain, when he wasn't acting like an old geezer, was acting like an old geezer and talking in soundbites that might have meant something 8 years ago. He had a couple of occasional flashes of the old McCain of 30 years ago, but he seemed tired and sick and geezery.

And, of course, he got tons of facts wrong, whether on purpose or just because he was badly prepped and had to use rehearsed talking points a lot -- occasionally his voice would get sing-songy, which meant he was falling back on the stump speech.

Obama, on the other hand, was constantly engaged, and remained on topic almost all the time (until the end, when he did slip a few points on energy independence into a question about Russia).

Anyway, the angriest I am tonight is at Ray Suarez at Channel 11 (PBS) here who introduced the show giving a summary of how McCain ended up doing the debate anyway that was incorrect (he did not stop his campaign) (he did not go back to Washington immediately) etc.

So, since I can't stand listening to the talking heads (heard one comment from David Brooks, who really wants to suck that man's dick, let me tell you) and realized there isn't enough liquor in the world to make me watch that shit.

And I'm using ladylike language here, too.

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