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Monday, September 22, 2008
September 25 Deadline for Comment on Proposed HHS Rule
Please don't let them take away contraception and other services from women!

If you hadn't read the NYT article the other day, please do so now:
LAST month, the Bush administration launched the latest salvo in its eight-year campaign to undermine women’s rights and women’s health by placing ideology ahead of science: a proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services that would govern family planning. It would require that any health care entity that receives federal financing — whether it’s a physician in private practice, a hospital or a state government — certify in writing that none of its employees are required to assist in any way with medical services they find objectionable.

Laws that have been on the books for some 30 years already allow doctors to refuse to perform abortions. The new rule would go further, ensuring that all employees and volunteers for health care entities can refuse to aid in providing any treatment they object to, which could include not only abortion and sterilization but also contraception.
Planned Parenthood link here

Illinois has long required pharmacies to supply contraception to anyone who wants it regardless of what an individual employee thinks about it (one of the few -- if not the only -- state to do so). Here's a good article about the situation in Illinois -- all the Democrats are urging people to reject this proposed rule -- Lisa Madigan has taken a nice strong stand.

And so she should, if she's thinking about running for governor in 2 years.

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