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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Where's George?
The mess on Wall Street (and Main Street) is bad enough, but we apparently no longer have a president either.

Would it kill George Bush to take 5 minutes and address the people he supposedly governs? I realize he's has been a terrible president for nearly 8 years, but surely he can carve 5 minutes out of his drinking and golfing schedule to devote to We the People?

I didn't vote for him, but a lot of good people out there did, and they don't have a clue what's happening, and for the first time many of them are genuinely scared (not fake concerned, like a concern-troll is concerned) about their future.

And in case people have forgotten, half of the Gulf Coast is dying again, and FEMA is nowhere to be found, binding itself up in the same staging and scheduling problems it had after Katrina. The finger pointing and blaming the victims will begin shortly.

What is going to happen to all these folks? Are their insurance companies going to go broke? Where are they going to live and work now? Where will they go when their 30-day stay in a hotel (if the offer wasn't just another Republican lie) is up and the power and sewers still aren't working?

Why isn't our president telling us what's happening? Our Republican president. You know, the one we all wanted to have a beer with. Kinda like the Republican John McCain, inventor of the Blackberry. And his Republican VP choice, the very tan, subpoena-rejecting Republican Sarah Palin, who's not allowed out in public, apparently.

When I watched that video I linked to below, I was reminded of the overseas trip Barack Obama took this summer, a trip that was positively presidential. People lined the streets to see him. 300,000 listened to one of his speeches.

This is the kind of president I want, someone fully engaged in the act of leadership, rather than just pretending to act like one -- and doing a horrible job at it too.

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