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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Bush Speaks
I guess my challenge was just too much for him to ignore.

Bush: Markets adjusting to economic action - CNN.com:
The White House has defended the Federal Reserve's decision to bail out AIG. The Fed announced Tuesday it would provide an $85 billion emergency loan in exchange for a nearly 80 percent stake in the company, the most far-reaching intervention into the private sector ever for the Federal Reserve.

'While no one would have liked to have ended up in this situation, you have a government that is willing to lead,' [ed. huh? isn't it their job to lead, regardless of whether they're willing?] White House press secretary Dana Perino said.

Bush has not fielded questions about the economic upheaval this week and even canceled a statement Tuesday. Reporters have tried each day. When one tried to press Bush in the Oval Office on Wednesday, he said he could not hear the question [ed. not that old Reagan trick again!], then made light of the moment by saying, 'I'm old.' [ed. again, huh? he was born in 1946. isn't 60 the new 40? he's 10 freeking years younger than McCain.]
I'm sure the fundraisers in Alabama will be cheered when they hear that Mr. 9 percent approval (or whatever it is these days) will be taking his place at their fundraiser:
Vice President Dick Cheney will fill in for Bush at Thursday's fundraiser scheduled in Huntsville, Alabama. Another Alabama event, a tour of the Huntsville Waste-to-Energy Facility, has been canceled.
This is why we have competent Vice Presidents. For when the presidents say they're too old.

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