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Friday, September 26, 2008
700 Billion Is Ok for the Rich
... but god forbid we give a penny to help ordinary people:

Senate Republicans block economic stimulus bill
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republicans in the Senate have blocked a plan by Democrats to pump $56 billion in government spending [ed. yes a bailout is spending too] into the economy through public works projects, help for the jobless and money for states struggling with their Medicaid bills.
The 52-42 tally fell well short of the 60 votes needed to defeat a GOP fillibuster. The White House promised a veto anyway, saying the measure would not work and would cost too much.[ed. unlike a bailout of rich Wall Street guys]

The failed measure would have followed up on a bipartisan plan [ed. wha? huh? you mean the republicans said it was ok back then???] enacted this winter to try to boost the economy through tax rebate checks. With the economy still sagging, Democrats have long pressed for a follow-up plan to extend unemployment benefits, boost food stamp payments and build infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, water and sewer projects and school repairs.
Instead, each Wall Street CEO is free to suck us dry with a quarter-million golden parachute while you, you poor shlub, complain about the pothole that sank your 10 year old beater last week.

To arms, comrades!

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