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Friday, September 26, 2008
McCain Scares the S*** Out of Me
I would love to say "shit" in a heading, but am sure someone out there would hit the button and tell Blogger that what I said was bad, bad.

John McDrama Queen is apparently going to show up for the debates tonight. I thought I'd seen some crazy shit so far, but this is about it.

So is he campaigning again too? What? You say he never stopped? So why didn't he show up on Letterman? Is it a health thing?

Twitter has a new link to follow every living and breathing thought anyone in the twitterverse thinks about anything that might conceivably have to do with the election, and you can go there too:

Twitter's Election Reality link is here.

I adore twitter, BTW. I hope they can keep up. They were pitifully behind the tweets for the DNC, a little better for the RNC.

Even if a consensus hasn't been reached about a bailout of rich guys in Washington, a consensus has been reached about this evening's drinking games:

A shot for Obama every time he says "Change". A McCain shot every time he says "My friends". Sounds about right. I will probably be quite drunk at the end of the evening. Puking drunk, in fact. Anyone know of a party tonight I can stumble into and crash?

You'll be happy I spent the day in studio printing robots using pronto plates -- not so hot -- has been so long I forgot the tricks. But the robots are good -- have a robot dog and even a robot tree -- will post later, after the great event.

I have to go out and get some booze now.

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