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Saturday, October 04, 2008
Vanishing a Tree
Good morning, friends. Yes, for a Saturday, it is indeed early for me.

The crew is here to take down our elm tree, the one with Dutch Elm disease that was condemned by the city a few months ago. I can't bear to watch. Was up early taking pix of its last day of life. A huge crew is here with cherry-pickers and grinders, assessing how to take it, as though it's a wild animal.

First, access must be cleared, which means taking down everything else around it.

There go my mulberry trees. I think they're trampling down the black raspberry bushes right now. Must go look.

Just back -- they are trying to work around a smaller tree that we hoped could be spared. This is good.

The batteries on my camera have given out, else I'd share early pix with you.

The foreman says they'll be done by 3:00. Maybe my batteries will be recharged by then.

The grinding and chipping should start any minute now. Will escape to the print studio.

Probably what the plan was, all along.

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