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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Just Voted
At Evanston Civic Center. 10 or 12 voting machines available, all were occupied when I got there, and five people in line, but it moved through quite fast. All you have to do is put your name, address, and signature on an application form, show them your photo ID, and they look it up. Then they give you a key card so you can use a machine.

The only thing confusing for me was that you're supposed to press the card in the slot until you hear a click. I couldn't hear a click, but the intro screen came up just fine, and then it was easy as pie to page back and forth among the choices, change your mind, etc. Races you have skipped come up in red.

When you're done, you can see your choices clearly printed out on the master printout which then scrolls by a page at a time so you can verify or even make a final correction.

Finally, just press the button to cast the ballot and wait until you get the confirmation screen. The card automatically pops out. DO NOT TAKE THE CARD OUT BEFORE YOU SEE THE SCREEN THAT TELLS YOU YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN RECORDED. I guess this is important enough that they even printed up and gave us reminders not to do this. If they hadn't been so busy I might have chatted with the judges more and asked about the machines (Sequoia Systems -- not the same type I used in the primary or 2 years ago -- seems much sturdier and clearer).

They said yesterday they had lines stretching all through the hallways, and that lunchtime today was busier even than yesterday.

So took my "I VOTED" sticker (which I've put on the bumper of my car) and breathed a sigh of relief.

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