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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Final Debate
Thank Jeebus!

I don't think my liver could take another one. It took 4 years for it to recover from the first Bush/Kerry debate (the one where George appeared to be drunk and wandering around the stage, but nevertheless won the election). And now it's ruined again.

The only people who can possibly think McCain won are those who think the contest is more important or interesting than the content of the response. Which pretty much describes all the punditocracy class who have to fill up the passing hours on 24/7 news channels.

I am trying to understand the strange being that is Rick Sanchez of CNN, who is everywhere on Twitter, sometimes seems to get it, sometimes doesn't. I am assuming that for the most part he really really wants to be on the bus and invited to the cocktail parties, get the hot interviews, etc., but he's like bi-polar, and sometimes the good Rick pops up, who has an honestly enquiring, non-whoreish mind.

Can someone explain this guy to me? Or Rick, if you're out there? I really want to know the boundaries of your asshole-ness.

Interesting thing about only being able to do 140 chars on Twitter, is that it tends to reward the bon mot and the zinger, which I'd thought had been lost in this day and age. Someone even started quoting Shakespearean insults (from some website) the other day -- bookmarked it, but lost it.

Not everything out there (in fact, oddly, not a whole lot) is all "LOL omigod he did what?"

I suppose even watching the debate (since I voted yesterday) is just an excuse to do some drunk-blogging (I hear there's a new gmail filter that prevents this kind of abuse).

That's ok. I know it's corny, but Barack Obama really is The One. If Hillary had been the candidate, I might have thought the same. I don't know. We'll never know. He might prove to be a shitty president, but we're pretty much used to it, aren't we?


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