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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Election Night in Grant Park
Just heard on news that they're planning for 100,000 in Grant Park.

How about adding another 0 to the end of that, guys? I have a feeling that every single voter in Illinois will want to be there. I'll be closing a polling place (have told the Daniel Biss campaign that I'll work election day for him), so it'll take me awhile to get down there.

But I will be there. Oh, yes I will.

Haven't heard all the details yet, but they're demented if they think that only the same number of folks who showed up at a rally in St. Louis last week will want to see the next president of the United States here in his hometown.

They have to run extra trains. They have to treat this like the Taste of Chicago, Fourth of July, Venetian Night, and the Air and Water Show (plus World Series and Super Bowl win) combined.

But of course, everyone must get out there and VOTE first. I mean it, guys. If you can vote early, please do it. Stand in line NOW so you won't have to later -- and so you can come to Chicago for the party, if you want to.

SO much better than a cheesy band in a hotel ballroom, even if it rains/snows.

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