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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Another Sign of the Apocalypse
Bagels at my favorite bagel bakery have shot up to 70 cents each. Now approaching Starbucks pricing! And they don't take credit cards!

Good morning, friends. From the way I've been talking food lately you probably think I weigh about 600 pounds by now, but it's not true. I should publish my "chicken soup only" diet, go on Tyra, and make a mint.

As long as I stay away from the Halloween candy and cheezits, I'm fine. Unfortuntely, political campaigns run on vats of Twizzlers, so that chomping sound you hear when a volunteer calls you is because it's stuck in their teeth.

Little to say this morning except I woke up early with a strange dream that someone broke into my house, took everything except the ancient VCR and the computer (took the backup drive and the 10-year-old monitor), and vacuumed the living room rug. Yes. It was the same pristine beige it had been when I first moved in.

I now invite the thief to visit me again tonight so we can chat about the kitchen floor, which really needs some work.

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