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Monday, November 03, 2008
Field Notes
Just back from going door-to-door for Daniel Biss, Dan Seals, and Barack Obama in Northfield. You couldn't ask for finer weather (well, I could -- it was actually HOT outside -- hotter than many days when canvassing during the summer). A golden, gorgeous day. Neighborhood a mix of folks with kids and pumpkins and ghosts and Obama signs up and closed-in-looking McCain households.

-- One house had a truckful of plumbers working with the homeowner -- I gave the woman the doorhanger, making sure she knew where to vote, and the plumbers all chimed in about all the other candidates.

"Don't forget about Seals!" one chimed in.

"Yeah, we're from Highland Park. We need to vote them all in."

I made sure they knew where to vote and all.

"I'll be there at 6 am," one said.

These were our own "Joe the Plumbers," nice white mid 20-30 year old guys. I was so proud of them.

-- Another guy with earrings and a ponytail ran after me as I was leaving, thanking me for doing all this, and for the info about where to vote, because he was just about to call the city to find out.

-- The Democratic Party of Evanston office had so many volunteers, they were sending them over to Daniel Biss's office. They weren't ready for a whole stream yet, so there was some delay. Too many volunteers? Unheard of.

-- I realize I'm VASTLY out of shape. Tried to get my assigned territory finished, but simply couldn't. It was an area without sidewalks, where you had to drive from target to target. I'll take a city block with apartments and elevators that don't work ANY day. Tomorrow all I have to do is stand and pass out literature all day until I literally drop.

That's it. Waiting now for the email that lets me print out my ticket to the Grant Park event. Have been told the waiting list for it is over 3 million long. On way home heard that Obama's grandmother had died. Sad sad sad. Things balance out.

But did they have to balance out now? I started crying. I feel so sad for the family, and thankful he took the time last week to interrupt his campaign to see her one last time.

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