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Monday, November 10, 2008
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Will be putting the schedule up on the side soon, but wanted people to see some of the really cool prints going up at the massive group show at Morpho Gallery starting December 5th -- the site has a rotating slide show. I will be part of the show via One Horse Press (aka Evanston Art Center) -- but Spudnik is also represented, where I still have work up (I think... else it was all sold and I should be getting a check in the mail).

Rotating thru the slide show right now is work by Julius Weinberg, Tery Veras, Tom Warchol, Grace Kroll, and Julian Cox, among others.

I wanted to do something really new and good for the fall shows, but just couldn't get it together (both time and head).

Will have stuff in 2 others -- Chicago Printmakers Collaborative and Evanston Art Center's Winter Arts and Crafts Expo (have a robot up there right now).

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