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Friday, November 07, 2008
Friday Horse Blogging

...from the Election Night rally.

Good morning, friends. By this point you're probably sick to death of it all, but have a few pix from the rally that may be of interest. Still need to jot down some of my memories before they're gone (which happens with the elderly. Since I'm over 30, can be counted as one the oldest people there on Tuesday Night).

Security, as you can imagine, was intense, with many checkpoints and much pocket-emptying (no shoe-checking, darn) and scary-looking SWAT-team types everywhere. For perhaps the only time in my life, I was happy to see them -- though I don't recommend ever walking by the Federal Building after a Democratic Presidential Election that is ousting a corrupt, failed Republican administration ever, ever again. Felt like I'd suddenly entered the Green Zone. Like I should check myself carefully in case I'd become a bomb-throwing terrorist without my knowledge.

More carefully selected pix later. Must concentrate on art for a few days (3 shows I'm late for). So will post now.

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