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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Michelle Obama's Election Night Dress
...was by Narciso Rodriguez. Not as flattering (I thought) as most of her choices, at least the way it looked on the Jumbotron, but she is so beautiful she can wear a paper bag and give it style. Will sort thru my pix and see if I have more thoughts. Later: sorted -- actually, it looks pretty good in retrospect. The fashion winner of the night, however, is Joe Biden's mom, Catherine Finnegan Biden:

Looks Chanel-like. Will see if I can find the designer.

On train home said to woman in seat ahead of me something like, "Thank God we got Michelle," and the whole group started pumping fists, "Yes! Strong and black and educated!" and the whole car cheered. They started discussing what all this meant to their children, their boys and girls, seeing a First Family that looks like them. (Update: The Black Snob -- one of my latest favorite blogs, since she covers the Obamas as real people, with an adult, strong marriage -- has lots and lots of pix -- and even more pix -- go gorge on them).

Just one more small thing I'll always remember.

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