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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Here We Go Again
For the third time in two years -- or maybe one year -- my car got broken into and my purse stolen from the front seat. I left the car in the parking lot of Noyes Cultural Arts Center for a few minutes while I ran in to get some prints from the drying rack and see the folks, gone no more than a half hour.

Stupidly, stupidly I left my purse on front seat of car. Stupidly, because I was carrying my jacket and was only going to be gone a minute.

Let this go to show you. So I lost a day of my time, about fifteen bucks cash, some makeup and a bunch of ID. Plus I'll have to make the visit to Evanston Glass, where they know me quite well by now -- same window broken.

I was lucky that my checkbook wasn't in the purse because I forgot to put it back after writing a check, and I'd brought in the camera (which, as you know, is often in the car) and cellphone was charging.

On the bright side, the new drivers license picture of me is better than the old one.

On the down side, discovered I have to get an emissions test before I can renew my car license plates, so it'll mean another delightful visit to Sec of State bureau.

On the up side, delivered my prints (and all my greeting cards) to the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative for the Small Print Show. I need the money. Go buy something from them.

Or from the 2 other shows I still have to deliver stuff for.

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