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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Here We Go Again (part ixxxII(b)sub4.1)
Had wonderful day -- got interviewed for the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative show -- went to the opening for Diana Kast and Margaret Roche (see below) -- came home -- and my computer had died. Doesn't recognize the power supply, so the battery can't recharge.

On top of that, can't connect to my friend who's in town from Florida, since I cancelled long distance from my landline when I got sick of paying the extra outrageous fees to use something I get for free on the cell -- so have been trying to find a pay phone to call him. They used to be everywhere -- haven't been able to find one yet.

If anyone sees RD, please let him know what the problem is, and that I'm not ignoring him. I'm very very stressed about it.

So called the Dell guys (while hyperventilating last night) and they tell me I'll have to send the unit back for repair, probably the motherboard got fried -- but I can't talk to anyone about it until Monday.

So am at the library, with 10 minutes left on my allotted time at the stand-up computer (no reservation required). Will post this now, since I still have shit to do.

When will it end???

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