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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
The Latest
Finally got up the nerve to talk to Dell again -- this time via the online chat feature, which is fabulous, if you're the kind of person who does better in type than on the phone, which is me. Only took 2 rounds, this time, and the first was probably not necessary. The tech had me reinstall the latest bios for my system, providing me a download link as part of the chat -- nifty, possibly in case something had zapped it during transport, or just because he figured he had to do something.

Of course it didn't do anything, since I think the new system board that had been installed already had the latest revision. Anyway, got on and chatted to another person who finally told me the problem is indeed with the LCD unit they installed and they would send me another box, and I should ship it back to them again.

So will be without the computer again soon, and will be briefing you on my adventures as before from the library and the phone. With luck this will be the end of it.

And on top of everything, Chris at AGS has released the latest version of the adventure game software I've been using that fixes the problem that had held up me releasing my latest version of Darkdevil County.

Just in time for me to be without my system again. Ugh. It's a conspiracy, I tell you. First the election, then the stock market plunging, eating all my savings, then all the hardware stuff, then me being snippy and bitchy to people, and now I'll be forced to read a book, or watch TV, or maybe paint something or go to studio and print. Why do they keep doing this to me?

But not today. Time to get off the pity-pot and bake more banana bread.


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