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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Just Freeking Do It
Resign, already!

Nothing new today in the Blagojevich atrocity, at least at the Trib, other than columnist reactions, etc., and the predictable troll trash-talking in comments here and there.

What is it with governors and corruption? I would have said it's the 'nads (thinking Spitzer in NY), but then there's Palin too.

My favorite Illinois blogger, Archpundit, is so very much all over this mess, I'll leave it in his very assured hands while my PC goes out for repair again. Graze away at his site -- tons and tons of facts and speculation, all you can eat.

While taking down last year's Christmas cards the other day (or maybe 2, maybe 3 years-worth -- they look so cheerful, why bother?), found this:

Check out the back:

Guess that committee has been disbanded. One hopes.

Don't want to send the computer back in the middle of all this. Really don't want to. Can't think when I've enjoyed a scandal as tasty -- have to think way way back to another Obama-related situation, the Jack Ryan/Alan Keyes thing.

It's been hard to find another politician who's been less popular than George Bush and Dick Cheney, but Blago has managed to do it for years now. He even makes Mike Madigan look good (insert picture of their embrace over the summer here). Mike should have bit off his ear when he had the chance.


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