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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Breaking News

Ah, CNN... What would we do without you? And people complain about Caroline Kennedy wanting to get appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's senate seat. Harvard B.A., Columbia J.D. not good enough? A lifetime spent in politics, education issues, arts administration, motherhood? A Democrat from the Democratic wing of the party who will not dither on these issues, who will take direction from "Red" Kennedy, her uncle?

Let them draw the monarchy line after this appointment, and enforce it only for the Bush family. Her father was king for only a very brief moment, after all, and her brother only barely a prince.

There are probably many more deserving on merit, but this wouldn't be bad. The press would go gaga, spend all their time divided between her and Hillary, and let the new administration get some work done in peace and quiet for a change.


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