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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Sobbing into the Box
Backup done, packing up the computer to send it out for repair again. Hope the tears dropping onto the packaging don't ruin anything.

As before, will be checking stuff at the library, and from the phone, so all is not lost. Will probably get quite a lot done this coming week -- last time got through all of The Return of the Native (Thomas Hardy), I book I have a feeling I was supposed to have read in high school but possibly never did, since it seemed completely unfamiliar. Next up: The Mayor of Casterbridge, and KNITTING!

See ya, at some point. Good news -- sold some stuff at the Evanston Art Center sale -- there are still 2 more opportunities to see my work (at Morpho and at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative), so please indulge and give yourself (and myself) a treat.

If you saw something at the EAC sale you liked, and only just now realized the sale was over and you really wanted to get it, just let me know.


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