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Friday, December 26, 2008
Icy Out There
Felt like a 90 year old with a bad hip replacement going down the steps to move my car this morning, did the Frankenstein's monster walk down sidewalk all the way to the street, which had been moderately salted. All is moderation this year, despite the actual winter weather. The city just doesn't have the cash.

Am hoping it will rain buckets so I can clear the ice and slush from my actual driveway. Had to chip off a half inch of ice before I could even open the car door.

So pleasant having the laptop back again. Had completely forgotten what a nice machine it is, how crisp and clear and no-glare the screen is. Whatever they did to make it all better, they really did make it all better, faster, and virtually silent -- no roaring fan, no weird slow-downs.

My mouse, on the other hand, has finally consumed its last Cheetos -- the right button barely works at all, and frustrates so badly I've had to turn on the touch pad, which I've never got the hang of. So the typos in this blogging are not my fault.

Off to library soon, however, to return some movies (Dreamgirls -- pretty good, better than I'd expected, and Jennifer Hudson is incredible, Beyonce gorgeous, silky slick.) Later.

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