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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Somewhat Proud of Self
Disassembled the mouse -- dropped everything on the floor a few times, and kept losing the case on my desk (don't ask me how -- kept thinking it was a different color or something, I guess).

Cleaned out 5 years of crap, dust, cheetos, etc. Discovered that the right mouse button clicker lays against the cord to the mouse, which may interfere if the cord gets pulled too much (and it does -- it's always falling on the floor and dangles.).

Managed to get it to kinda work though, which is better than it not working at all. I just have to be deliberate about clicking. And I may have replaced a spring on the scroll wheel backwards or upside down, or maybe the wheel really liked all that juicy junk food grease. It scrolls one way just fine, but the other way is a little jerky.

Hope all of you have been having fun with the new Google Toolbar which for your convenience installed itself today and blocked off the screen so I couldn't access IE. For some reason I couldn't get out of whatever mode it put me in, not even with clicking, escapes, etc. etc. Reinstalled, and the message went away. Now it just chops off the first 5 chars of the notebook. Ah well, I never used it anyway, so maybe will continue to not use it.

Have scanned the robot in and will present it shortly. Nothing like spending hours fixing stuff rather than doing other stuff.


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