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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
A Final Robot

Yes, 2008 will soon be over, so let's all wave goodbye to it.

This is a zinc plate that was a little scratchy before I used it. Used a light hard ground and drew the linework with just a pencil, not a needle, and did a deep bite. Then commenced with the aquatint. The quality (and quantity) of rosin in our rosin box is not that hot, and I may not have fused it long enough (using a hotplate). Second try was better, but, of course, with a little of the blotchiness you always get with doing a second aquatint on top of the first.

Used a blowtorch instead of the hotplate this time, something I've never done before. A little scary (since I have depth perception problems and am in general a klutz), but fast and accurate. Is a skill worth developing.

Will play a bit more with this at some point, then on to the next. Such is the artist's life.

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