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Thursday, January 08, 2009
Another Dream
Had stuff in a two-person show in a large gallery, but the gallery called me "Cindy" instead of "Cynthia" on all their signs, postcards, etc. Spent some time trying to find the gallery owner to correct it, then wondered whether it was a better, hipper name to use (Cindy Sherman, etc. -- who also went to SUNYAB, I understand, and who I may have met in the good old days at Ashford Hollow).

Thinking perhaps of all this, I end up in one of those political campaign offices, with stuff and schedules and jokes on the wall, lots of tables set up with piles of canvassing sheets, crappy laptops, boxes of Dunkin Donuts coffee and the donuts themselves, t-shirts, broken cellphones, etc. etc. A woman who looks a lot like Sarah Silverman is trying to set up something to track items sold, day sold, customer name, etc. (probably now thinking about all the Obama merchandise that is being plugged from every angle imaginable), so I go over and declare myself an expert in Excel and let me help you.

Woman setting this thing up looks dubious, I keep trying to reach for her computer, saying, trust me, I really am an expert at this, I used to do this for a living (all true, I'm afraid), but I couldn't convince anyone. (this probably coming from job anxiety, the thought of temping again, etc.)

Suddenly (as happens) I'm in someone's dorm room. It's filled with cute 18 year old guys, kind of nerdy ones, with black hair and lots of computers and games. A really cool game called "Hollywood ----" is playing on the screen -- can't remember the whole title, but I know instinctively that it's the sequel to "-----". In the scene I'm watching, the character pulls up to a big building in a cab. The cab is called "----- Cab Company." Anyone recognize this game?

Anyway, some smart girls show up, and I try to straighten them out vis a vis Excel. They're a little more receptive. For some reason they all have Ghiradelli chocolate squares in their hands, but they've melted, but the girls just laugh about it. Suddenly there's a big cake and art opening receptions stuff and campaign office stuff (goldfish crackers, twizzlers, etc.) so I decide to order 3 big pizzas.

Lots of people are arriving now, so I go down the narrow hallway banging on doors, telling people there's a party. More sleepy-looking 18 yr old dark-haired nerds show up.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right about now, so I wake up. I am older than all these people, but I'm still pretty hip.

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