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Monday, July 28, 2008
Still Alive
For those of you concerned with my fall yesterday, I survived the night. My cheekbone is bruised and tender and a little reddish/purple, but whatever went crunch isn't leaking.

Have finally got rid of the giant list of bloggings since Feb 2004 on the side. You can still get at them from the dropdown archive list. Saw the bottom of the page for the first time since 2006!

Since this blog template was created in 1886, all kinds of new-fangled stuff has been invented. I am unlikely to take advantage of it, however, mostly because I'm lazy and there are too many widgets in the world to try them all. Completely forgot I'd tried putting advertising on the blog in '05 and still had $3.57 in the account. Since you don't get any money until it tips over 100 bucks, I hope they've made good use of the loan and won't default on it come judgment day.

May start using post tags/labels soon, but usually seems more bother than they're worth, since I usually talk about everything in every posting -- apparently not what you're supposed to do, if you read any of the (mostly laughable) hints on blog-making. Want to get the Darkdevil County stuff arranged under one tag, however, so I can put a link on the side. I can't find anything either.

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