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Sunday, July 27, 2008
I Can't Win
Mindful of all the cyclists and peds who come by while I'm mowing and remind me not to wear flip flops or go barefoot around sharp blades (yes, in my neighborhood, they actually do this), I figured I'd take their advice and put on a pair of old gym shoes before taking to the lawn.

Didn't get but 10 feet from the house (not even mowing yet) but slipped on the dry grass, fell on concrete, heard something go crunch, saw a vision of my life savings floating by (since I don't have health insurance), and lay there for awhile, stunned, while cars passed by, bikes biked, and peds pedded.

So if it looks as though Dick Cheney has been holding me down while George and his best friend John McCain have been beating the crap out of me, it's just your paranoid imagination. They'd never kick someone when they're down.

But just in case, since today is 100 days till the election, make sure you register to vote, and vote for President Obama and every other Democrat on the ticket.

Maybe I can't win, but as a nation, Yes We Can. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

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