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Monday, February 06, 2006
The Numbers
Handful of Races May Tip Control of Congress
The contest begins with Republicans holding 231 House seats and Democrats holding 201, with one Democrat-leaning independent and two vacancies, split between the parties. Democrats need to gain 15 seats to dethrone the GOP majority. In the Senate, Republicans hold 55 seats to the Democrats' 44, with one Democrat-leaning independent. Democrats need six more seats to take power.
That's all, folks. 15 seats in the House, 6 in the Senate. Numbers that are literally the difference between life and death for a good many people, not just soldiers and citizens dying overseas, the tortured and disappeared, the women who may resort to old-fashioned knitting-needle abortions because they can't get one legally any longer. Let's not even mention the health care nightmare, cuts in Medicare, etc. etc.

Primary time approaches. We have to look at the candidates least likely to be assholes, and vote for them.

Good evening, friends. Middle of the night, actually. Sleepless again, so have gone prowling.

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