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Saturday, February 04, 2006
I Am Reviewed
... as part of the group show at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, in a lengthy review at ArtScope.net
A print need not be complex to evoke the possibilities of the medium. In Cynthia King's Botanical #1 (drypoint, proof: approx. 3 x 3 in.) a simple, somewhat nervous line sketches the unadorned outline of five stems of floral blooms, capturing the essence of their botanical fragility. Printed in green ink, the slightly blurred line of the drypoint adds to the effect of a quickly captured floral impression.
I am touched. Thanks, Katherine R. Lieber, my new best friend.

Dropped by at CPC to find out if I'd sold anything yet. "But didn't you get your check?" Deborah asked. (Plus told me about the review)

My antennae are finely attuned to money these days, plus I'm keeping my eye out for tax stuff in the mail. No check yet, but it seems like I only get mail delivered 2 times a week.

Next stop was the new store where I have some stuff up, sacred art, on roscoe. Have a few snaps I'll post in a bit (battery ran out while I was shooting, so not sure what I have yet, and as always, it's in the car). Store looks pretty good, with matte black walls and cool music. Artists were still bringing things in while I was there. An eclectic selection of stuff, to say the least. So check it out. No website yet, but it's next to Rudy's Bakery at 2040 w. roscoe in chicago.

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