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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Print Narratives, Cont.
Here's another one I'm working on (that's right.... it isn't all politics and Diner Dash around here):

For some reason, even etching for 45 minutes produced only a faint line on the plate, esp. on the left side. The hand wasn't too bad, but still not what I'd wanted, so this print shows a little drypointing. Since I don't want the burr (ie, the fuzzy line quality you usually think of with drypoint), I may go back into it, reground it and re-etch.

I don't know whether the acid bath needs changing, diluting, or what, but it seems thick and gummy to me. What would make sense is to go in today and do a test strip.

But it's 50 degrees out, and sunny, so WTF am I doing inside scanning and blogging anyway?

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