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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I Want One
Boing Boing: Knife-block shaped like a human head

However, I want the version with one of the following faces:

George Bush
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
Condi Rice
Rummy Rumsfeld
Any of the Republican members of Congress
Any of the Republican senators
Joe Lieberman
Ben Nelson
Joe Biden, who doesn't have a freeking chance in hell of becoming prez
The otherwise esteemed but erroneous Sen. Feinstein of CA who is calling for us all to play nice and not filabuster the Alito nomination

Good afternoon, friends. Another day of not a whole lot accomplished except the usual round of emailing letters to newspapers and trying to get thru to senators. Got a call from Planned Parenthood this am that wasn't asking for money, but to call Sen. Durbin's office and tell him to vote against Alito. I was pretty sure he was planning on doing so, but got scared anyway. Busy signal.

So, people. If you love freedom, please call your senators. Emailing is good, but a phone call is better, especially if he or she is a swing vote. The only way they can govern well is if they know the will of the people. That's how it's supposed to work around here.

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