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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Lonesome Doves
Just got back from seeing Brokeback Mountain. Don't often go to the actual movies except for movies that if you don't see, you won't understand at all what they're talking about on the Tonight Show. It's really good, a wonderfully emotional love story with some great kissing, not much actual sex, a lot of potential sweaters (ie, sheep on the hoof), and one great sweater (toward the end that I'd like to knit -- sorry for the interruption).

Kept thinking, however, that it was just like the heart of the TV miniseries of about 15 years ago, Lonesome Dove, about the love between Tommy Lee Jones's character and Robert Duvall's character. And, son of a gun, the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain was also co-written by Larry McMurtry.

Perhaps I'll dig it out from the tape box. I was never a fan of westerns, but I remember loving this and think I read (most of) the book too. Some programming genius out there should repackage and rebroadcast it, just in time for the Oscar nominations.

And both are sad, sad, sad. When the lights came up this afternoon, the theater was filled with 50ish-year-old women all sobbing. But don't let that stop you from going.

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