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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Feng Shuiing the Blog
While vacuuming out the blog today found this stuck under the mini-fridge:

NYC Schools Use Paint to Engage Students
On Thursday, 14-year-old Pedro Rodriguez was busy splashing oriole orange and apple green paints on the walls. The old colors, he said, "sometimes would make you feel down." [ed. tell me about it]

The dull colors on tile walls at P.S. 34 gave way to shimmering lime, teal blast, yellow flash, tangerine zing and blue wave. The bright shades contrasted with the tall grayish buildings in the surrounding neighborhood. [ed. hmmmm]

"I like doing work now and I actually like being inside the school building blog, " Rodriguez said.
Since I heartily agree, will be making a few decorating changes around here, starting with my attempt to make money with advertising. I know you, my readers, are all ardent and rich consumers, but none of you have the faintest interest in anything adsense might throw up at you, and you are all intelligent enough to go get stuff at Amazon.com all by yourself. In the year I've been doing this, the most I've ever made in a month is eleven cents (I kid you not), and it wasn't on Amazon.

It's clutter. It goes.

Shamelessly plugging my stuff has earned me even less. So, bye-bye PayPal button.

The artwork up in the corner is getting very dusty and faded, but I haven't figured out what to put in its place. Am thinking of something in a plaid.

Perhaps it has something to do with Blog Depression (thanks JL at Modern Kicks), or the Lack of Fortune described below. (Thanks to all who wrote expressing concern over my down-in-the-dumpiness. 'Tis the season.)

On the bright side, I made enough money in the various holiday sales around Chicago to be encouraged (encouraged to NEVER DO IT AGAIN, that is), and to pay a few bills. Must seriously start looking for a better solution, however.

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