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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Erdmut Lerner at Wilmette Public Library
This show of paintings by Erdmut Lerner at the Wilmette Public Library opens this Friday, December 9, reception 6-8 and should really be in a good gallery somewhere. Here's a sample:

Over the past year or two Lerner has concentrated on densely-surfaced still lifes, interiors, color field studies, and a few landscapes. The richness of her surfaces and spare compositions can be breathtaking in a field typically crowded with conventional work.

You really should see these in person and stick your nose up close. She has worked and scraped and layered and scraped more, with nothing arbitrary or unplanned. This is intelligent painting. And some of them are funny!

The show is up through December 30. Check the library website for location and hours.

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