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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Studio Sale Kick-Off
Have posted the first "Buy Now" item to kick off an Advent countdown of sorts (tho we'll be counting down to the end of the year). A friend kindly tells me that Advent really started on Sunday, but then I'm not really a Christian, so there.

Print Geek stuff:

Item is "Tree and Friend #1", 2-stone lithograph on 1/4 sheet of buff Stonehenge, hence the size is about 15 by 11 inches. Edition size is 1 (similar prints just have the trees arranged differently). Paper is pretty clean with a nice indentation from the smaller stone. Print is offered unframed, unmatted, and cheaper than I've sold others the same size, just for you.

I chose this because I am the Tree and you are my Friend, or maybe you are the Tree and I am your Friend, or something like that. Anyway, one of them looks like a Christmas Tree (no faux-PC "holiday trees" here....).

Will try to post a sale item each day, but don't hate me if I fail.

And as always, email me if you need more info. I've really cut the shipping costs to the bone, assuming North American sales, and may end up eating some costs. Anywhere else in the world, please contact me FIRST. I'm not good at complicated shipping stuff in Paypal, clearly.

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