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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Time to Up the Dosage
I opened the fortune cookie that came with last night's takeout and


I was suddenly terrified.

Came back from the sale I've been plugging to find 2 ambulances in front of my neighbor's house. Neighbor slipped on the stairs and hurt his back so bad they took him to the hospital.

We are plunging down toward the shortest day of the year through scary cold weather and deep darkness. Everything is cold. I don't dare up the thermostat in the event I can't pay my heating bill. Got the first post-Katrina winter gas bill a few weeks ago and nearly called the paramedics to revive myself except I don't have health insurance.

But tidings of comfort and joy await us, somewhere, someplace. Must not forget that once the Solstice has passed, the night becomes light again.

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