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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Not a Pornographic Blogging
... even though we're discussing underwear. Am wondering who's going to find this via google (I get some very very strange searches).

Am sitting here in new socks and underwear, plus boots, compliments of a recent gift certificate. It takes awhile to break in these things, especially the bras, so am still unsure whether I should send away for the "free" (3 bucks sh&h) rebate bra that was part of the deal, or whether I should wash them all first before deciding.

I shop so rarely for myself that a gift card for a department store (yes, they do still exist) is wise. For people who hate to shop, the sad truth of life is this:

Eventually you have to buy stuff.

A corollary of sorts (not really) is:

Socks, once removed from store wrappers, will never be found again.

(Just caught one of the new ones sneaking out for a smoke).

A friend says that old socks make great dust rags. I laugh and laugh, since the idea of dusting something is hilarious. With the new socks in hand (or foot), however, I may try to cut them up and knit them into a bath mat. (We haven't discussed knitting or sweaters or anything in months and months. Status: the gray sweater still has no neck and Sonnet has no seams or buttons. The blue sweater has developed a moth hole and has started to unravel.)

Is gray and rainy today again, etc.

Will post this and take off the boots (which are getting hot. With their purchase have saved the midwest from blizzard conditions for the next five years.)

Anyway, Happy Consumer Confidence Day. I think they lie. I think it's just that eventually you have to buy stuff.

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