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Thursday, January 12, 2006
The New Art Year Begins
... with the email arrival of news about NOVA, the alternative to the big-tent Art Chicago (formerly at Navy Pier).

Was going to tell you all about it, but Dan at Iconduel has done the work for me. Thanks, Dan!

I went last year (part of the 3-fair art exhaustion battle) and enjoyed it a lot, even though a lot of it was goofy and thrown together at the last minute when the original venue fell through. Sounds more organized this year -- and they're taking over the entire City Suites on Belmont, which should be interesting.

Good evening, folks. Am nearly done with my year-end funk (possibly because it was sunny and in the 50s). Printed yesterday -- put an aquatint on an old plate. Am upstairs at the moment doing some bed-blogging, but will bring putie downstairs and scan in a few items for later. A perfect thing to do while Dancing With the Stars.

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