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Monday, May 02, 2005
NOVA in Chicago Pix
Still trying to unmuddle all the images from the past few days that made their way into my head. Am thankful I had the foresight to take a lot of snaps at the NOVA show, else I would have been left only with the opening images of pancakes sizzling on the griddle, then branded,

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then served:

Or the last intallation that obsessed and threatened me as it tracked every movement, only targetting me with its camera eye when I was still:

In the juicy middle was a whole bunch of interesting paintings

and works on paper or other substances

or apparently floating in air

or being extremely naughty.

And I've been pummelled on all sides by far too much information -- visual and otherwise -- including moonmaidens

and glorious fakes.

I suggest you go to the NOVA site and follow the evidence. I picked up tons of handouts with links to other sites that I'm trying to sort out and may post.

Back later with Some Thoughts.

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