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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Fugitive Woman Act
House Set to Approve Parental Involvement Abortion Bill
WASHINGTON (AP) - It would be illegal to dodge parental-notice laws by taking minors across state lines for abortions under legislation the House debated Wednesday, the latest congressional effort to chip away at abortions after Republican gains in last November's elections.
I've been politically quiet for some time -- but no more. This is appalling. This is what happens when we don't pay attention. Parental notification laws are bad enough -- what girl wants to be beaten within an inch of her life because some boy (whose life is not now ruined) got her pregnant? -- but at least she had the right like any other citizen to get on a Greyhound Bus and go somewhere she could get an abortion in peace.

If this passes, pregnant women move one more step toward being Handmaids of Lord Bush.

Call your reps right now. I mean it.

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