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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Popping, er, Breaking News
Is it in time for the Nobel Prize nominations?

Scientists Discover Why Some Popcorn Kernels Don't Pop
It's long been known that popcorn kernels must have a precise moisture level in their starchy center - about 15 percent - to explode. But Purdue University researchers found the key to a kernel's explosive success lies in the composition of its hull.

Unpopped kernels, it turns out, have leaky hulls that prevent the moisture pressure buildup needed for them to pop and lack the optimal hull structure that allows most kernels to explode.
Wendy Boersema Rappel, a spokeswoman for the Chicago-based Popcorn Board, said popcorn processors are always looking for ways to improve their product, including reducing the number of old maids.
Like if they don't have broken teeth from biting down on unpopped kernels they just might get a man? (Yes, yes, I know the "unpopped" ones are called old maids. But not all old maids are "unpopped," if you get my drift...)

Good morning, folks. Blogger was acting up earlier so couldn't inform you of this before now. Bright and sunny out, though chilly. Will print another day, paint today. Will also load more of the new work into the appropriate slots online.

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