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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Your Mother Was Right
Some Extra Heft May Be Helpful, New Study Says
And being very thin, even though the thinness was longstanding and unlikely to stem from disease, caused a slight increase in the risk of death, the researchers said.
Let me just move this pizza aside for a minute. Ooops... spilled the full-sugar Coke on the bag of potato chips. Now where did I put those donuts? Still out in the car?

While I've never been accused of being just skin and bones by my mother when I came home from college and being force-fed pasta and mashed potatoes, I'm sure many of you were, and you countered with, "But Mom, I'm fat!" Now you know, and your mother is nodding wisely while adding a little more parmesan and olive oil to the sauce simmering gently on the stove. Shortly the sausage now browning will go in. And you will eat it and make her happy by guaranteeing yourself a full and long life.

Blogger buddy Infinite Stitch always reserves Wednesday for Good News, and I never do. So today we're twins.

Good afternoon, folks. Was going to print today but so much has come up and phone calls and everything so I never got out of the house. Perhaps will paint. Am also getting ready to reorganize and put more stuff in the Works on Paper blog. And it's come to my attention that the online resume is at least a year out of date, so must do something about it, I suppose. Is about 30 degrees cooler out today than yesterday, so am feeling sad and so may as well do housework.

Back later (I keep saying that but never do show up again. Sorry).

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