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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Better Than Sex
... a lot of it, that is, except for the good parts.

Good afternoon, folks. Just spent the entire morning, from about 10:00 on, helping a friend install DSL on her computer. Dear Lord, how do people who aren't particularly computer savvy do this? I don't think they do, or they get an in-law or co-worker to do it for them. Or they pay the big bucks. Not a single one of the instructions that came with the modem, etc. was accurate, and nowhere in the instructions was how to set it up on the Windows (or Mac, for that matter) side of things. I think the documentation writers simply assumed that after most people opened the box they would immediately call the toll-free number (support from India) and get talked down.

The tech support rep in India was magnificent. Name of Ricky (I may not be spelling it correctly -- he works for Earthlink, and maybe others). Patient, humorous, detailed, kept going over and over the same steps again and again and again until I believe we formed a connection that will last the ages, and we will send each other holiday cards, and silver spoons on the birth of offspring.

Yes. So I had to drink a little wine, and my friend will never ever be offline again.

Is about 75 degrees out and sunny, a lovely, lovely day. I will sign off now and do something else.

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