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Monday, April 11, 2005
SAIC BFA Show, 3rd Floor, Part 2
Continuing through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's BFA show, 3rd floor edition:

Uziel Duarte -- more nice paintings, esp. a tiny one called "Watching TV While Painting," moody and dark. Also "Anonymous Objects on Shelf." Might be anonymous, but they are clothed enough for us to recognize spice bottles, and maybe even the particular brand.

Kathleen Havens -- This is just about my favorite piece on the floor, ("Wendee"), maybe in the show. Huge, gray, beigy gray, with underdrawing in charcoal? on unstretched canvas of a pregnant woman looking down, so head small, belly and legs very large. Somewhat Jenny Saville-like, but gray. Breast, belly, forearm, hand, thigh, highlighted. Gorgeous painted surface, complex. Draftsmanship confident and specific without being slick. Foot-wide borders surrounding painted center ungessoed, relax against wall and floor.

David McDaniel -- and even more painting. "Boxer With Coach and Manager" and "Sea Captain on a Northern Sea," large, traditional portrait size, slightly faux-naive Early American style. But these are acrylic paintings, and glazed and varnished to look like very old oil paintings, including a slightly cracked surface. A lot of interesting stuff going on in them.

Carrie Vinarsky -- Great prints & litho/screenprint books, tho the litho images seemed to print a little lightly. Best is the etching series called LOVE -- printed on square paper with edges cut into pretty scallops! Image one: girl innocently petting a pig. Two: pig performing cunnilingus on girl. Three: Pig perhaps taking her from behind while she views an ax lying on ground. Each print very detailed and, well, pretty.

Kate Gronner -- also has lithos, airy narratives, some intensely colored. Harpooning a bear, opening a rabbit and finding an alligator inside. Howling at an airplane that ejects a dinner service of knives, forks, plates, etc. Dead forest with plummetting chipmunks and pack horses called "The Sound that Occurred When They Hit The Ground." Huge talent here. Are they hand colored or done in print?

Jillian Gryzlak -- Hilarious! Large, wide digital photo of row of typical Chicago-style bungalows with a crude cartoony house, bright red with kid-crude windows and a green roof inserted digitally into row.

Nathan Redwood -- Pink background of very large painting, sketches of figures in dark line look somewhat like a page from Rembrandt's sketchbook, quick, gestural some overlapping, exaggerated, cartoony, forming curious narratives indeed. You could look at this painting for hours and never see it all.

L.X. May -- is obsessed with lawns. Paintings. Needlepoints especially sweet of a rake, "Bless this Lawn", a lawnmower.

The 3rd floor has now concluded.

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