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Monday, April 11, 2005
Axis of Evil Breaking News
Stamp art exhibit asks, ‘What is evil?’ while feds ask for info
Columbia officials were stunned when two Secret Service agents showed up for the opening of the new Glass Curtain Gallery exhibit “Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin.”

According to Columbia’s media relations director, Micki Leventhal, the agents arrived before the opening, demanding to speak with Michael Hernandez de Luna, the exhibit curator who was not yet present. Hernandez de Luna is no stranger to controversy as he is the stamp artist who was single-handedly responsible for shutting down Chicago’s Loop post office for several hours in October 2001 when he sent a skull and crossbones stamp through the mail with the word “anthrax” written on it.

Though the stamp was found to be harmless, Hernandez de Luna has been under a federal investigation for the incident. And while there is politically controversial art in “Axis of Evil,” Leventhal said, “We do not know, officially, the nature of their inquiries.”
Incredible! Fallon & Rosof have also written about the travelling exhibit in Philadelphia.

Just saw this while watching "24" here in Chicago -- was teased for the FOX 9:00 news. Will watch and see what their spin on it is about. Hernandez is a really good artist whom I've written about several times before.

“Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin,” will be on display at the Columbia College Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago through May 11.

UPDATE: Cool! Hernandez is on tv now. Apparently the Secret Service thinks they were threatening the president's life because of a stamp called "Patriot Act," with a sneering President Bush and a gun pointed at his head. Al Brandtner was the artist of this piece.

Secret Service demanded names and phone numbers of all the artists in the show which Columbia College refused.

Maybe we'll have more later. Will post this now.

UPDATE: Sun-Times has more here.

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