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Friday, April 08, 2005
Surrender the Pink
... to the printing gods.

Told myself that if I couldn't get the pink background stone to print right one more time, I'd grain it and call it a day, and so I did. Discovered while doing it that the stone wasn't (ahem) exactly level, which certainly didn't help matters.

But solved my color ink problem thanks to the online outlines from University of Buffalo. Probably many other ways to skin these cats, but adding the mag and the varnish to the ink caused it to roll out perfectly. Pity the stone itself was a mess. Thinking back to the last time I printed color, this all sounded familiar.

Ah, well.

So am resting. Will try to get down to the SAIC show this weekend, then will work again in the print shop on Monday. Too much to do, too little time!

However, stumbled across one of my favorite Warrington Colescott prints in my recent googlethon,

Senefelder Receives the Secrets of Lithography (1976)

This is from his wonderful History of Printmaking series. You can find others here.

I didn't realize he was 84. Please, let's not have to create "Colescott Banishes Devils, Enters Heaven" any time soon.

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